Monday, July 3, 2017

The WHAT and HOW of missionary work

Hola familia and amigos!

This week was great! Hermana Coello and I are still going strong here in Bosques. For this email, I want to talk about something that I've been thinking about all week..... 

It started in a comida with an Hermana. She asked me what was one of my favorite things here on the mission. That's a tough question... but I feel like one of the things that has impacted me the most is the companionship of the Spirit. Same spirit but it is just different here on the mission. For example, I can not describe the feeling I get when someone enters the waters of baptism. It's just kind of hard to describe... She responded by saying ¨Wow I would love to feel the Spirit like that in my life," but the thing is she can! Everyone can! The Spirit can be a blessing to all of Heavenly Father´s children IF we are worthy of it. 

Hitting my year mark is a tad hard to comprehend. It is so true when they say the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. Reflecting, I'm really grateful for all of my experiences that I have had that I wouldn't have any where else. It is not easy but it is always worth it. One thing that I have learned and would like to share with you all today is a responsibility that I think a lot of missionaries overlook which is training the members how to share the Gospel. I get it, it's tough. Before my mission I didn't know how to share the Gospel either. It is scary to open your mouth sometimes (especially in Spanish). I confirm what Elder Clayton M. Christensen says in his book, "The power of everyday missionaries" (which y'all should read) that is, members know WHAT they're called to do (which is to share the restored gospel to their loved ones) but they don't know HOW to do it. 

Hermana Coello and I have been focusing on and working with the members on HOW to share the Gospel. After all, what good is it to have a years worth of experience if you don't share what you have learned? This Sunday we held a training in 3rd hour. We started off by all standing up and reciting D&C 4. It was so great to hear the ex missionaries still recite it from memory. Then we explained that there are 44 principles in the Gospel and we share with our loved ones according to their needs in a simple 5 minute message. We divided the group into ¨districts¨ and every one had a different person with a specific need. As they all prayed together to receive revelation on the specific ¨person¨ it was amazing how seriously they took it. Then we shared what they would share in these situations. The answers were more than good, THEY WERE INSPIRED OF GOD.(D&C 84:85) 

We really hope that the ward members were able to see that the HOW to share the Gospel is possible and wonderful. Back to the Hermana about wanting the Spirit more, I think many members feel this way. I want to testify that if you share the Gospel YOU WILL FEEL HIS SPIRIT. This is His work, and it's an honor to be a part of it. Don't believe me? Check out D&C 68:6.

Love you all,

Hermana Herrera 

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