Care Package Info

A list of ideas for those interested in sending care packages. Here are a few of my favorite things, or things that I would love to receive.

Favorite Gifts:
- Burt and Bees Chapstick, any flavor
- Bare Minerals Lip Balm
- Spearmint gum, cubes or Extra
- Blank stationary cards
- Colorful pens
- Simple necklaces/earrings
- Bobby Pins
- Black hair ties, or fabric headbands
- Blouses

- Reeces
- Trailmix
- Goldfish Whales
- Fruitsnacks
- Twix
- Protein Bars
- GoGo Apple Squeezes

Simple Recipes:
- Breakfast Ideas
- Nutritional Snacks
- Small dinners
- Smoothies