Mailing Info

If you would ever like to mail packages, we have learned that the best way to assure that all of the contents arrive safely, is to mail to the mission office.  Some mail carriers have been known to take things out of the boxes, i.e. beef jerky and chocolate.  There have been NO PROBLEMS when mailing through the US Postal Service.  The Post Office has two flat rate boxes that can be shipped both stateside and internationally.  It does not matter how much you put in those boxes, as long as it fits!  There are two different sizes.  You can pick them up at no cost at your local post office, take them home, pack the contents, then return to the post office to mail and pay the flat rate fee, already established.

To ensure the safety of the contents, tape the box up very secure, making sure all corners and seams are taped several times.

Email: I can get emails from everybody. I respond on preparation day but I only have about a hour. Letters are preferable because I have more time to respond. 

Mail letters and packages: 

Hermana Gabriela Herrera 

Oficina Misión México Puebla Norte

Av. 25 Sur #907

Col. La Paz

Puebla, Puebla, C.P. 72160

* I cannot receive packages while I'm in the MTC but you can send it to the above address.