Monday, June 26, 2017

hmmm How can I descirbe my week?

On Thursday we got a call from the assistants to open the church doors for our interviews with President. We got there early the next morning and then the assistant dropped us a big one. ¨Hey Hermanas did yall know that you have splits to go with President today?¨ ¨NO, Elder what?¨ He looks back at his companion ¨Oh right we didn't tell them. Well you guys have splits with him all day: plan well and have fun.¨ 

It was a tad chaotic, BUT IT WAS GREAT. Crazy great! I actually felt like it was a huge blessing. I could fill this email with all the things I learned, but I think you guys would get hungry or something and stop reading it.  Something that I would like to focus on is one of our requirements here in the mission. We have the assignment to read the Book of Mormon twice a year. They usually have a key code where we have to highlight specific topics. Right now we are focusing on the blessings the descendants of Lehi are entitled to. It's super amazing to see how the Lord is so ready to make covenants with His people. But we must be ready to do our part. We need to be making an effort to receive those needed blessings.  President Nelson always says "MAKE DECISIONS THAT WILL HELP YOU SPIRITUALLY GROW." 

Our investigators Rosalia and Sandra Hernandez made the important decision to be baptized this past week. I love it because their baptism reflects the spiritual progression that is healing them on the inside. Although they have different situations, they are going through the same healing process.  

Both of them needed to learn about their self worth.  Low self esteem is when someone feels that they aren't good enough in an aspect or many aspects of their lives and they let other people's opinions speak louder than the one of their Heavenly Father.
There are 2 different definitions of "perfect". Perfect according to the world is someone who NEVER EVER makes a mistake.  Perfect in Christ is someone who uses the process of sanctification to be purified and worthy to live in God's presence. What is the process of sanctification? Look up Alma 11:37 and 2 Nephi 31:17.
Right now I want to focus on one thing that I've been working on understanding and that, my friends, is God's grace. It's just as wonderful as it is necessary. Grace is thanks to the Atonement of Christ and it is the mercy that will help make us one day whole. If we accept it, it doesn't pay for some but for all of our mistakes (notice that mistakes are necessary to be perfect in Christ). 

I would like you guys to read Ether 12:27 and focus on the middle part, ¨my grace is sufficient.¨ What does that mean to you? For me specifically, it means that to receive/accept grace is to show effort through 
1. exercising my faith 
2. repenting daily 
3. doing all that I can to follow the commandments of God 

My message for the week is that a way to be healed, the only way to be healed, is through the sanctification process. I have seen it work.  I have seen it with Rosalia and Sandra. I also have seen it in myself, when I needed it the most.
We must recognize and accept the help that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ gives us through the gospel. I promise the results are not only real but fulfilling and filled with joy! 

Hermana Herrera 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Members gearing up and remember the Alamo

Hollaaa familia y amigos, 

What can I say? This week was for the books. First off, we had a visit from Elder Pino a seventy here in Puebla. His talks were so good and I think that was just what Puebla needed at this time! The members are "gearing up" to work with their missionaries! 

Quick story: so in our zone conference we were all able to shake hands with Elder Pino and his wife. When it was my turn, I shared where I was from and how much time I've been on the mission ( which by the way is 11 MONTHS). Anyways, he shared that he just went to San Antonio to speak there. Then he explained that they passed by some famous building and took a lot of pictures but couldn't remember what it was called. I took a wild guess and said the Alamo? and yes it was the Alamo. My President turned to me and said, "Wow thank goodness you remembered the Alamo!"  That's right representin the great republic of Texas. 

On a more spiritual note, I wish I could share all the goodness that Elder Pino said but I hope a few thoughts will be sufficient. 

I think the most powerful thing that he said was a word repeated 3 times... you missionaries need to TEACH TEACH TEACH and it's so true. How else can we fulfill the prophecy of God to all of His children? If you think about it, teaching sounds a lot easier than it really is. THANK GOODNESS that we have a perfect example of a perfect teacher JESUS CHRIST. 

For me personally, it can be sometimes a little intimidating to teach people. Many people have past experiences, opinions or ways of living that can be a little hard to understand. Judgment is not of the Spirit and certainly not the way to help others feel Christ's love for them. So I have learned that I need to depend on my Savior to respond in a way that He would. As we study the life of Christ, we can always see that He reacted differently to every situation so there isn't really a way to specifically react to a situation or person. What's more important is have charity (the pure love of Christ).This is the key. Check out 2 Nephi 33:7-9 
I know that this just doesn't apply only to teaching, I think this is the way we should communicate with our fellowman in general. 

Some really good things are starting up, we have 3 baptisms coming up on Thursday. Every story is unique and powerful in their own way therefore I think I'm going to feature every one in the next few weeks. 

I love you all and this is the part where I say adios for another week! 

Hermana Herrera 

Zone conference with Elder Pino

Monday, June 12, 2017

BOSQUES and the definition of enduring


First off, I want you guys to know about my new compa Hermana Coello-Castillo. She is from Layton, Utah has 13 months on her mission and with her its just pure giggles. Well, silent giggles so it's extra funny!
It's going really well. The streets look the same of those in Xonacatepec so its kinda confusing in that way. I was only in Xona for a month. It was tough because their were a lot of families that I thought I could help and then I left. I think one of the great tender mercies happened on Sunday. The bishop announced there was a new Hermana and asked me to come up and share my testimony. As I was sharing, my eyes filled with tears. I could see 4 or 5 families that were with me in Xona that had moved to Bosques. That Sunday was full of joyful reunions. I feel very grateful that Heavenly Father trusted me again with His children. 

So, I want to share a quick story to help explain my thought for this week. After our Book of Mormon class it started pouring, like Texas flash flood pouring, and we couldn't leave the church. One of our investigators, Irving, was playing the piano in the other room. We ended up walking around and showing him some paintings around the church. He stopped at a big photo that showed the Mexico City temple. He pointed to it and asked, ¨That's where the special people go right?  What do I have to do to go there?"
We explained that the people who go to the temple want to be closer to God and they show it through their actions. We decided to show him so we all headed to the baptismal font. We explained that this was the first step, baptism, and after that we need to keep working, to keep trying, and keep believing and if we do these things we can get closer to God in the temple. That's the most ¨special¨part. 

Our President said something in this past conference that's really stuck with me. When he is in interviews with the ¨greenies¨he asks what they want to do on their missions. The most common answer is, ¨I want to help people.¨ He would then say how very Christian of them but we are here to do more. We are here to help them complete the requirements necessary to reach the Celestial Kingdom with their families, to gain eternal life and to live with Heavenly Father. Sometimes as missionaries (I see this in myself) we focus too much on baptism. YES it is important but it's not everything. 

I love this Gospel because we can always be progressing and our goal in this life is to reach and gain ETERNAL LIFE. See the difference? We must focus on baptism but we need to keep progressing. These people need to get to the temple! Before my mission, I had the opportunity to serve in the San Antonio temple. I think those experiences helped me realize the big picture a little more clearly. I think it has helped me teach with a broader perspective as well. 

I remember an experience in my first area with my first convert Francisco. The night before I left he asked me, "Hermana how do I keep in mind what is important? How do I live the gospel at church and in my home?" These questions are deep, really deep and to a 20 year old a little intimidating. I can only testify of a scripture that I try to apply to my life daily which is in Doctrine and Covenants 11:18 

My invitation today is to remind yourself of the big picture! Remember your baptism and just. keep. going. 

I LOVE YOU ALL and testify that this is true,
Hermana Herrera 

Monday, June 5, 2017

Coming back home

Hola amigos y familia,

So after 3 months in beautiful Nanacamilpa, Tlaxcala I'm headed back home to Puebla. It is super funny because I'm in Bosques, which is a street away from my second area Xonacatepec. A sweet member offered a ride, and to an Hermana with bulging suitcases this was the best act of service ever. 

I loved my time in Nana and I've learned a lot of things that helped me have a better perspective. Like: OYE! spiritual thought! 

So as we were driving back to Puebla, I was soaking in all of the beauty around me. I love love these trees and greenery. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father created this beautiful earth, and I know that His creations are evidence of His love.  I got to thinking about nature and its purpose. Its purpose really is for us! We eat, breathe, and appreciate nature. It is a necessity of life, it is never selfish. Like it is never going to hide its colors or anything! To sum it up nature is here to serve us! 

So when people say that the nature of people can change, I think of this: growing and reaching out and not focusing on ourselves. So share your beauty! Share your light and color! Because it is a necessity of life! 

On that note.. I'm not able to send pics of the beautiful nature in Nana so picture tall pine trees and an Hermana running around smiling with glee. Or just look it up in google maps.
Love y'all and will update on the continued adventures in Puebla,
Hermana Herrera