Monday, October 23, 2017

On our feet and moving with faith

Okay week 2 down here in Tezoquipan. We are on our feet and moving with faith. This week was a special one for me. I was able to understand a little bit more about the atonement. We had to go to Puebla to a meeting with the new missionaries. Our president focused a lot on the atonement.  We read Alma 7:14-15 and talked about what everyone knows about Jesus, that he suffered pains and afflictions and died on the cross for us. But there is a whole other deeper perspective that people don't understand. In fact the people that scratch the surface of understanding are the people that depend on the atonement to get through their trials. 

The other side of the atonement is letting Jesus Christ train and edify you.  It means being completely dependant on someone that loves you and won't let you fall. President turned to the new missionaries that can't speak Spanish and told them in a powerful testimony you can do this! The Lord will not let you fall if you accept His help! This struck me hard because I know that it is true! My training time was one of the most difficult times of my life. But I'm grateful for it because I became a better person with the help from the perfect person, my Savior.  I look back not with bad feelings or remorse but with gratitude. 

This week we saw a lot of miracles. I'll just share one more thing that happened on Sunday. There is a mom and her daughter who have been going to church for the past month. They both want to get baptized but were lacking the permission from her husband. We went to go visit them and I saw him and guys he was huge! Like taller than me and that's hard to find! We talked about the importance of baptism by sharing the Book of Mormon. Then after that I asked him how he felt about his wife and daughter getting baptized. Honestly I don't even remember what I said all I remember is him saying yes. HUGE MIRACLE! We were able to put dates for November. The Lord helps His missionaries complete their callings. 

Here is mi hija holding a screaming pig like her mother asked her to do

Me carrying a giant bunny, almost as difficult as the pig

The Popocateptl volcano having some smoke

Monday, October 16, 2017

Mas Fotos

I totally forgot about the brea la luna. Its bread filled with chocolate and it's amazing and only found in TLAX!

Hermana Rosa's baptism
Due to the incident with Mowgli, we didn't have time to change into our faldas

The most beautiful Catholic church in the state...Need proof read the sign



This car is filled to the brim with my fav people heading to my old zone, Amalucan

Saying hard goodbyes! Yamily is getting baptized!

The legacy lives on. Good luck in the real world Hermana Cervantes!

Hermana Ruiz enjoying some classic enmoladas

CHAOTICNESS if that's a word

Hola amigos y familia! 

Its your Hermana here freezing her socks off in Tezoquipan, Tlaxcala. This week was in one word chaotic. I have only opened an area once when I came here on the mission so it's all a new experience. But I have learned the importance of listening to the Spirit and fasting and praying really hard. I will say that the ward is really supportive and anxious to work.
Hermana Ruiz is sooo great and special.The love for my daughter is real💜 Her testimony strengthens me everyday in the chaoticness... if that's a word. She´s like a sponge always soaking up the good. Our studies are something that I'll treasure forever! They really help us have the strength to get up and going without any idea what's going to happen.... hmm I gotchu Nephi.  

We were able to have a baptism this past Saturday. Her name is Rosa and she is so wonderful! She is the first to be baptized in her family and she has 7 children that we will get to teach. I know her example means a lot.

Actually funny story, so we decided to pass for a family so they could go see what a baptism looks like. It's a young father with his 2 kids. At first sight one of the boys was the perfect image of Mowgli from the jungle book. Therefore I call him Mowgli. Anyways Mowgli was following us from a distance. I turned around every 5 seconds to check if he was still there. When we almost got to church, I turned around and poof he was gone. I now understand how my mother felt when we lost David at the zoo once. Also I have major respect for my aunts... I know Whetten cousins are all Mowglis. We all began searching for Mowgli and found him a few minutes before the baptism buying a coke... classic. 

To close with all the craziness, I would like to share this scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 123:17 ¨Therefore dearly beloved brethren, let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power, and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance to see the salvation of God and for His arm to be revealed.¨

These are the days to prepare for Christ´s coming. We need to do all that we can. I'm so grateful for parents who have taught me to do the best I can always. So thanks for your prayers! 

Until next week,
Hermana Herrera

I owe you guys some photos...

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The biggest plot twist of my MISSION


Well well well, I think the biggest news is that I'm a mom! I got the news on Wednesday that I would be finishing my mission by training a greenie (: and will be leaving Bosques ): Yesterday, as we were at the church waiting for the newbies I felt really excited and nervous. I know that this is a great and important responsibility!
I also had a couple of days of pure goodbyes. It was super hard to leave Bosques. I love all those members and recent converts. The good news is that Hermana Yamily, Isis´s mom, is getting baptized this FridayI also had to say good bye to a few of my past companions. Hermana Galicia is finishing her mission up in Puebla so I won't see her and Hermana Cervantes finished her mission yesterday ):):
I will be training in Tezoquipan, Tlaxcala. It's about an hour away from my past area Nanacamilpa. Mi hija is Hermana Ruiz.  She is from Ciudad Guzman, Jalisco, Mexico. I think from the second I met her I could feel her sweet spirit and desire to learn. I feel really happy that I can help her grow and learn here on the mission.
Welp, that's all I got and will keep in touch with all of the adventures we will have here in good old TLAX. 

 Hermana Herrera 

Monday, October 2, 2017

You don't know everything but you know enough

Hello familia y amigos! 

So this week was a great spiritual high just like every other week in the mission field. It was a necessary and refreshing thing to hear from our apostles and leaders. I wish I could share all of my thoughts with you guys!!!!! 

A lot of things spoke to my heart, but I loved the las few quote Elder Anderson shared: 
¨You don't know everything but you know enough¨and ¨When we choose to have faith, we are prepared to stand in the presence of God.¨ - Elder Hale 
Somewhere along the lines of that... 

With area changes coming up this week, I've found a lot of peace in these sayings. I know for a fact that change although ¨hard¨ is a good thing. It is necessary to help us grow. 

Recent converts go through a lot of changes... Imagine their whole lives are absolutely different! It's like a whole nother culture! I'll just say that I really admire all new converts to the church. Their faith is very visible through their efforts. Seeing Ulises and Yolanda at every session of conference made my heart soar. I sneakily took a picture of them(: They don't know everything but they know enough to put one foot in front of the other! 

Have a great week! May we accept and endure change like the new converts of the church!
Hermana Herrera

Ulises and Yolanda

Beehives are missionaries also!


Monday, September 25, 2017

2 weeks worth of pictures (:

Seeing my girl Hermana Stewart!

September 15th celebrations means matching skirts!

Getting locked out 30 min before church. HELP!

When there is damage in your house from the earthquake
 and you have a sleepover with the hermanas of Xona

From the Dominican Republic to Texas matching pajams are still a thing 

Women's Conference in English with Hermana Zutz. BLISS!

When worst comes to worst, BE LIKE JAIRUS

Hola amigos y familia 

OK OK, I'm doing fine here in Puebla. Yes the earthquake was quite the scare and there is damage. But we are all doing fine and trying to help in the ways we can. Y'all can forget the once in the lifetime post. I can now say that I have felt an earthquake and I did not like it... 

These past few weeks have been quite the ride and I feel like a test of my patience. I think Hermana Romero and I have passed through pretty much everything: piojos, getting locked out of our house 30 min before church, earthquake etc. and the most heart breaking, investigators that are not progressing. Through the midst of all of this I have found myself more earnestly reading and studying the life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. I can honestly testify that it is helping me become the missionary that Bosques needs right now.
I would like to focus on one of the stories that I am studying which is about the daughter of Jairus. 
Jairus was a respected man of great power. He was actually a ruler in the local synagogue. His daughter was sick and on the verge of death. Jairus knew that the only way his daughter would live is if he asked for Jesus Christ to heal her.
His first step in coming unto Christ was asking for His help, risking his social career.  On the way to Jairus' house, Christ stopped to heal a woman. I love it because it says in Jesus the Christ ¨No intimation is given that Jairus showed impatience or displeasure over the delay; he had placed his trust in the master and awaited his time and pleasure.¨  The was his second step. 

The third step he took was when messengers told him that his daughter had already died and there was no use to ask for Jesus´s help (which surely was his final straw of hope). He seemed to have still looked to the Lord for help, and the Lord answered "BE NOT AFRAID ONLY BELIEVE."
I think in this life we are on the journey of these 3 steps. Sometimes it is easy to accept Christ but we are impatient of His perfect timing. Or sometimes we are super patient until we get hit with our final straw. It is all about our personal progression, unique and usually untimely.
I feel like we go through many different types of trials, like getting locked out of your house at a really bad time or when a earthquake happens and people are not getting the supplies needed to survive. ( Our ward sent out a truck to some smaller towns full of supplies and it was a very hard trip to get it to them) In these times we need to ask ourselves which step we are on... and if we really are going to "BE NOT AFRAID ONLY BELIEVE". 

So Hermana Romero and I are going to keep trying and keep in mind the 3rd step. Because that is where you find life changing miracles. The Lord will raise us and the people around us up, if we believe...

Love you all and thank you for your prayers and concern,

Hermana Herrera

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Second shot

Hola familia
We recieved permission to write our families. And I got my second shot, haha. I finally felt an earthquake and it was actually pretty scary. Hermana Romero and I were in a super market and we just took out money. Thank goodness because we needed it.
We were in the bathroom and then all of a sudden everything started shaking like crazy. We ran out and everyone was screaming and sobbing. It was like a movie and it made me think a lot about the second coming and how those who are prepared won't fear.
Anyways we are doing good. There is some damage in our house so we stayed with the Hermanas in Xonacatepec. The dueno is going to check it out tonight and we have to report to President. 

Hermana Herrera

Monday, September 11, 2017

Once in a lifetime...

Sooo, this week went well. Hermana Romero and I are searching for more investigators to teach! 

I think the biggest up date I can share is what happened on Thursday night with the biggest earthquake in Mexico's history. The earthquake started at 11:50 and lasted for about 4 minutes with strength of 8.2. Magnitude 8.2 and I was dead asleep... our apartment building is on the third floor and I'm on the top of a bunk bed...asleep. 

We got a ton of phone calls and that's when I woke up, barely. My gift is still going strong! But I did miss a once in a lifetime opportunity to feel an earthquake. Heavenly Father really protects His missionaries, especially the obedient ones that go to bed on time.

This week is September 15th and you know what that means: pozole every day, attempts at the cucaracha and crazy fireworks. All exciting stuff! 

Love you all,

Hermana Herrera 

My cute compa on the bridge we cross everyday

Looking for those investigators

We found some cow friends!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Wisdom from a Seventy Elder Reyes


So sorry  that I didn't write yesterday. We had interviews with president that went long. There is proof at the bottom!
This week was sooo great. We had the privilege to hear from Elder Reyes from the Seventy because our stake got a new patriarch. He was going to speak on Saturday and Sunday. We had a quick lesson with the Martinez family on Saturday afternoon.  We were enjoying a bit of arroz con leche when they told me that the stake president came with an hermano from Mexico that morning.  I was super confused and then they said  that he was going to speak that night. Then it all clicked and I almost swallowed my spoon. A SEVENTY WENT TO GO SEE THE MARTINEZ FAMILY! 

They told me how he blessed them and their home. The Martinez family shared their news with him that Isis´s mom (the daughter of Ulisses and Yolanda) was going to be baptized because of the change that she saw in her daughter. Also, they gave a gold reference of one of Ulisses´s sons in Mexico City for the missionaries which Elder Reyes is going to personally deliver. Those elders are going to have a field day. It's a family of 8! They also have 2 generations ready for the ward temple trip in September. My joy was filled!

We had the opportunity to hear from Elder Reyes later that day. He talked about the importance of being prepared and shared the last line in Doctrine and Covenants 38:30 which says that if we are prepared we will not fear. The purpose of this life is to be prepared, prepared to live with our Heavenly Father and His Son again! 

I love the example of Enos. His final statements show that he was really prepared to see his maker again (everyones' goal) And how did he get prepared? The answer is in the final verses of 26 and 27, ¨I must preach and prophesy unto this people, and declare the word according to the truth which is in Christ. And I have declared it in all my days, and have rejoiced in it above that of the world. And I soon go to the place of my rest, which is with my Redeemer; for I know that in him I shall REST.  And I will rejoice in the day...¨ 

How do we prepare in the necessary way that Elder Reyes directs? By preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Everyone is a missionary and we are called to do a great and marvelous work. 

Love you all,
Hermana Herrera 

AXEL, mi hermanito that got baptized this Saturday! It was so great to teach him!
Love him and his family!

Proof that I had interviews this week! President and Sister Nelson

Hermana Romero from the North: Hermosillo, Sonora baby!

Monday, August 28, 2017

The heavens are rejoicing!

So the best news I can give is that the Martinez family got baptized this Saturday! I can not describe in words how that Saturday evening went. The spirit felt like it was bursting from the room! There wasn't a dry eye in the room. 

Some of my favorite moments were:

1. Singing ¨Oh my Father¨ with the sisters
2. A lot of members from the Martinez family came to support them and agreed to be taught! 
3. Watching Ulises help his wife into the font 
4. Having the towel ready for Isis 
5. Hearing Ulises' testimony 
It is amazing how people come unto Christ by small and simple actions. Ulises was a contact on the street! I can not express the importance of following the spirit.
Hope you guys enjoy the pictures! 

Also update I have a new compa! She is Hermana Romero from Hermosillo, Sonora!
With love,

Hermana Herrera 

All the missionaries that were a part of the Martinez family conversion

The Martinez Family

Saying hard goodbyes!

Monday, August 21, 2017

And we all cried with one VOICE

This week was super crazy and hard. I think a week before a baptism always is. The good news is that the Martinez family passed their interview and are getting baptized this Saturday! Whoop whoop! The whole ward is supporting, loving and attending on Saturday. 

As I have said before I love Bosques and I love these people! I think that's the best part of missionary work,  learning how to work with our fellow brothers and sisters in our Father's plan. That is how I describe missionary work.

This week we have a conference with our Mission President called ¨ Why do I believe.¨ People that have just joined the church go up and share their conversion stories and then our President gives a talk. I love these meetings because they are completely by the spirit. Personal testimonies are one of the best ways of inviting the spirit. 

President mentioned a scripture, which I think defines 3 important things in Mosiah 5:2
1. To be converted, you must be united. That is why we need to cry in one voice. 
2. The spirit is necessary in order to know God and come closer to him. 
3. We can only be 100% disciples of Christ, not half of the time or 75% of the time. We must be examples of the believers in word, in conversation, in CHARITY, etc. When we are united and have the spirit to be with us we will have no desires to do bad. Our actions will reflect our love for God and our fellowmen. 

I felt love for everyone that was in the room. I felt the love I have for the Savior that's still growing! And I have a great love for you guys back home. Have a great week

Hermana Herrera 

Family portrait and a Happy Wedding to Madeline! I was totally matching haha!

Good eats! Puebla is known for its food.

The Martinez family: Ulisses, Yolanda and Isis

Just in case...

Monday, August 14, 2017

A teacher that helps save souls

This week was one for the books. I think one of the highlights was definitely our zone conference.We focused on charity and 3 big questions. 1. How is charity defined? 2. What does it look like? 3. How do we live it? 
I think charity is absolutely key to missionary work. People become converted when they can feel the love from the members, from their missionaries and from the Lord. 

I've heard that the only thing that Satan and Christ have in common is that they want us to become like them. So if Christ wants us to be full of charity, Satan wants us to be full of pride. I feel like pride is one of the most powerful tools that Satan uses because it delays the Lord's work. It is very important that a missionary is full of charity, not pride. President Nelson had us kneel down and ask our Heavenly Father what we needed to change to become more charitable. I invite you guys to do the same.

Hermana Nelson gave us this good advice, ¨Beware of pride! Think about the person, not what's gonna come to benefit you but how you are going to help them have a better life.¨

Charity has really impacted me here on my mission. Maybe because I get to serve other people everyday but also that people have served me in ways that I will never forget. I think that charity has made the difference in our teaching as well. In the July 2017 Ensign there is an article that is titled ¨A teacher who helps save souls.¨  It's my go to and I encourage you guys to read it. It says ¨The Saviors whole desire and mission is to save Heavenly Father's children (2 Nephi 26:24)  In our quest to teach as He did, we can learn to be motivated by the same purpose that motivated him.¨

Being a missionary is hard.  You get put in situations that you can't fully understand because people´s lives are just so different and unique. I have often found that the only way that people will get something out of our lessons is that we have this determination to save souls. I think 2 Nephi 33:6-9 helps explain this better,  "I glory in plainness; I glory in truth; I glory in my Jesus..." I hope that I can express the message in order to help save their souls.
The second coming of Christ is coming, do you really believe it? If you believe it than you will do everything you can to help Heavenly Father´s children come into the fold.
Love you all,
Hermana Herrera 

Saying goodbye


It's CHILES EN NOGADA time! It's only for two weeks and they are so good. They are chiles rellenos filled with fruit and cream and toped with an almond sauce and pomegranate seeds.

Mom, I want to buy all of these and take them home to you!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Visitor Center Sister for a day

So for this week, after a really bad case of salmonella, the highlight would be getting the clear to go and work. We had an open house in our stake center. All of the missionaries in our zone were there! The tour started with a cutout of Christ with the voice that they use in the temple visitor centers. The Spirit was so strong! We had a lot of success but it was tough to get people into the church. It reminded me a lot of Lehi's vision of the tree of life. As we contacted people to go in some of them looked embarrassed or ashamed but those who did go in learned something that's so worth it! 

I actually contacted a man that didn't seem interested but I had a strong impression to ask about his health. He softened up and explained that he was going through some serious blood problems. I asked him if he would want a blessing and he said yes and walked right in. After the blessing, he put his name down so the Elders can go teach him! 

But I think the crowning jewel was seeing the Martinez family walk in. We showed them the font and the Elders explained about baptism. It's a moment on my mission that I will never forget. As Hermano Ulysses looked at the font he turned to me and smiled and said ¨ I feel more and more happy every step I take to prepare to enter this font.¨ I said that is called conversion, in other words coming unto Christ through the only way, which is baptism. You are happy because you are aligned with God and His plan for you and your family. 

To close I want to share a quote by Elder Ballard, ¨One important key to happiness is to learn how to set our own goals and establish our own plans within the framework of our Heavenly Father's eternal plan.¨

I know this is true because that's what I'm doing with my life in these moments and I'm happy really happy. 

Have a great week!
Hermana Herrera 

Hitting up Krispy Cremes after 13 months. Glory!

Where we start the tour. Visitor Center sisters?

The boards that we displayed

Old friends compa compa

Monday, July 31, 2017

P-Day in Cholula

High School Musical jumps!

"A pale man with a bearded face teaching about God" interesting...

 When the Spaniards took over, they made the people build a Catholic Church over their biggest pyramid. It was interesting because on the way to the church, you can see a lot of ancient symbols on the walls. So these cholulans worshipped their God in a secret way. Also we went inside the pyramid. It was so cool but most of the rooms are blocked off. They told us of one room that was super special. It had lots of treasure and maybe even gold plates...


I spy with my little eye

District picture: These Elders are headed home this week

Para mis hermanas: I AM MOANA!

Book of Mormon cycle