Monday, June 26, 2017

hmmm How can I descirbe my week?

On Thursday we got a call from the assistants to open the church doors for our interviews with President. We got there early the next morning and then the assistant dropped us a big one. ¨Hey Hermanas did yall know that you have splits to go with President today?¨ ¨NO, Elder what?¨ He looks back at his companion ¨Oh right we didn't tell them. Well you guys have splits with him all day: plan well and have fun.¨ 

It was a tad chaotic, BUT IT WAS GREAT. Crazy great! I actually felt like it was a huge blessing. I could fill this email with all the things I learned, but I think you guys would get hungry or something and stop reading it.  Something that I would like to focus on is one of our requirements here in the mission. We have the assignment to read the Book of Mormon twice a year. They usually have a key code where we have to highlight specific topics. Right now we are focusing on the blessings the descendants of Lehi are entitled to. It's super amazing to see how the Lord is so ready to make covenants with His people. But we must be ready to do our part. We need to be making an effort to receive those needed blessings.  President Nelson always says "MAKE DECISIONS THAT WILL HELP YOU SPIRITUALLY GROW." 

Our investigators Rosalia and Sandra Hernandez made the important decision to be baptized this past week. I love it because their baptism reflects the spiritual progression that is healing them on the inside. Although they have different situations, they are going through the same healing process.  

Both of them needed to learn about their self worth.  Low self esteem is when someone feels that they aren't good enough in an aspect or many aspects of their lives and they let other people's opinions speak louder than the one of their Heavenly Father.
There are 2 different definitions of "perfect". Perfect according to the world is someone who NEVER EVER makes a mistake.  Perfect in Christ is someone who uses the process of sanctification to be purified and worthy to live in God's presence. What is the process of sanctification? Look up Alma 11:37 and 2 Nephi 31:17.
Right now I want to focus on one thing that I've been working on understanding and that, my friends, is God's grace. It's just as wonderful as it is necessary. Grace is thanks to the Atonement of Christ and it is the mercy that will help make us one day whole. If we accept it, it doesn't pay for some but for all of our mistakes (notice that mistakes are necessary to be perfect in Christ). 

I would like you guys to read Ether 12:27 and focus on the middle part, ¨my grace is sufficient.¨ What does that mean to you? For me specifically, it means that to receive/accept grace is to show effort through 
1. exercising my faith 
2. repenting daily 
3. doing all that I can to follow the commandments of God 

My message for the week is that a way to be healed, the only way to be healed, is through the sanctification process. I have seen it work.  I have seen it with Rosalia and Sandra. I also have seen it in myself, when I needed it the most.
We must recognize and accept the help that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ gives us through the gospel. I promise the results are not only real but fulfilling and filled with joy! 

Hermana Herrera 

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