Monday, June 19, 2017

Members gearing up and remember the Alamo

Hollaaa familia y amigos, 

What can I say? This week was for the books. First off, we had a visit from Elder Pino a seventy here in Puebla. His talks were so good and I think that was just what Puebla needed at this time! The members are "gearing up" to work with their missionaries! 

Quick story: so in our zone conference we were all able to shake hands with Elder Pino and his wife. When it was my turn, I shared where I was from and how much time I've been on the mission ( which by the way is 11 MONTHS). Anyways, he shared that he just went to San Antonio to speak there. Then he explained that they passed by some famous building and took a lot of pictures but couldn't remember what it was called. I took a wild guess and said the Alamo? and yes it was the Alamo. My President turned to me and said, "Wow thank goodness you remembered the Alamo!"  That's right representin the great republic of Texas. 

On a more spiritual note, I wish I could share all the goodness that Elder Pino said but I hope a few thoughts will be sufficient. 

I think the most powerful thing that he said was a word repeated 3 times... you missionaries need to TEACH TEACH TEACH and it's so true. How else can we fulfill the prophecy of God to all of His children? If you think about it, teaching sounds a lot easier than it really is. THANK GOODNESS that we have a perfect example of a perfect teacher JESUS CHRIST. 

For me personally, it can be sometimes a little intimidating to teach people. Many people have past experiences, opinions or ways of living that can be a little hard to understand. Judgment is not of the Spirit and certainly not the way to help others feel Christ's love for them. So I have learned that I need to depend on my Savior to respond in a way that He would. As we study the life of Christ, we can always see that He reacted differently to every situation so there isn't really a way to specifically react to a situation or person. What's more important is have charity (the pure love of Christ).This is the key. Check out 2 Nephi 33:7-9 
I know that this just doesn't apply only to teaching, I think this is the way we should communicate with our fellowman in general. 

Some really good things are starting up, we have 3 baptisms coming up on Thursday. Every story is unique and powerful in their own way therefore I think I'm going to feature every one in the next few weeks. 

I love you all and this is the part where I say adios for another week! 

Hermana Herrera 

Zone conference with Elder Pino

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